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Grandma Knitting Needles 2 Pair Gift Set


Two pairs of pretty Grandma knitting needles make the perfect gift to get Grandma knitting for a new baby.

These single point knitting needles are made of strong, light-weight bamboo. Each set includes two sizes (four knitting needles in total):

SMALL PAIR: ideal for small projects such as booties and baby toys. 23cm / 9inch long and 3.75mm / US size 5 diameter

LARGE PAIR: Perfect for medium projects such as baby hats and cardigans. 32cm / 12inch long and 4mm / US size 6 diameter

Being lightweight makes them ideal for older hands or for people who may be returning to knitting later in life.

With these knitting needles, Grandma will be inspired to knit all the baby clothes you could possibly need. They make a great gift for a baby announcement, birthday or Christmas.

These needles are not suitable for use by children.